Why pedigree kittens aren’t cheap

Pedigree kittens aren’t cheap to buy for good reasons. Breeding cats have to be bought, often for many hundreds of pounds, possibly even imported, suitable accommodation provided, quality food and litter, veterinary care, stud fees and many others factors all have to be taken into consideration. Kittens from reputable breeders are sold with inoculations, pedigrees and registrations, microchips, etc. and all these things really cost.

When one obtains a kitten for little cost, or even for nothing, there is normally little or no investment in the health and welfare made by the vendor and no form of come-back if things go wrong. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Breeders are less than keen to spend valuable time showing kittens to potential purchasers who expect to pay the absolute bare minimum or even nothing. Please consider just what goes in to those pedigree kittens, how much time, effort and care the breeder has taken to ensure they are healthy and well-adjusted. Always establish the price and what is included before visiting potential purchases. ‘Time wasters’ are often mentioned to fellow breeders to warn them in advance!

Consider a rescue cat, of which there are many out there in need of good homes, if financing a pedigree is a problem.

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