The Viking Cat Club

VCC logoThe Viking Cat Club is a club for everyone with an interest in the Norwegian Forest Cat. It started off in the early 2000′. We aim to promote a free exchange of information between owners and breeders, and to encourage a healthy and responsilbe breeding programme for the Norwegian Forest Cat in the UK. We are also aiming to affiliate to the British FIFe member, The Cat Association of Britain.

We ran our first club show in 2002 but before then we organised a Norwegian Forest Cat special at the CA show in Worthing on 19th August 2001. The Club is especially pleased, since three well-recognised Norwegian Forest Cat breeders judged at the show.

From November 2011 is the official website address for the Viking Cat Club. It lists member breeders with links to their own sites, gives details of kittens available and information about the breed and the Club in general. There is also a club newsletter for members, initially twice yearly.

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