The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed that has evolved NATURALLY. They are very friendly though independent in nature and can grow to a very large size.

‘Wegies’ are semi-long haired cats with a long outer coat together with a dense and woolly undercoat, in common with the needs of living in less forgiving climates, though in the summer months it is shed in favour of a shorter, less dense covering.

Although in their natural habitat they are efficient hunters, NFCs are really gentle and affectionate creatures; alert, attentive and responsive to their owners and tolerant of other cats.

These ‘gentle giants’ are an excellent addition to any family, even those with lots of other cats and/or children. They tend to become attached to one person though, often appearing to remain ‘aloof’ from others in the home.

The preferred occupation is normally to just give the appearance of being somewhat proud and regal, vain, even.

As the name suggests, Forest Cats love the outdoors and are excellent tree-climbers, so the home (and preferably outdoor enclosure) should be well furnished with multi-level scratching posts and shelves, where they can enjoy monitoring the scene below.

But when it suits them they will require your undivided attention for a while and won’t take no for an answer!

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