Stud Males

Meet our stud cat:

EC (N)Tordenorn’s Aha-Suprise

We are absolutely delighted to have this wonderful boy and sincerely thank his breeder, Berit Hoyer, for giving us the rare opportunity to own a Norwegian Forest Cat of such outstanding quality.

IC Railway’s Kulfi De Manga (NFO ns 22)


Kulfi is currently residing here as a guest stud. We came across him by chance as we have wanted to introduce silver to our lines for some time and were lucky enough to be offered the use of him by his owner in Portugal. Until he came to England he had not sired any kittens, but we are pleased to announce that he has now sired two litters, from our Queens Astra and Monsoon – 9 kittens in total. A number of these kittens are available and we look forward to more this year.

These kittens look to be very promising and we hope will inherit Kulfi’s charming and delightful personality as well as his impressive size and boning and generally very good type.

As part of the agreement to bring Kulfi here, he is only to be used with our Queens.

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