Nordlys Glede

Meet Nordlys Glede
who we bought from Carole Smith in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1996.

Brown Tabby Female

Breed No.  67 20  |  NFO n 21

Born 23.04.96

Sire : Yingmo Black Panther
Breed No. 67 15

Dam : Volsung Eviva
Breed No. 67 31 t


Glede was mated with Hakon Rein Felis Jubatus, Breed No. 67 14 b,
producing one kitten, Loki, seen below at 10 weeks old.

Gledekatt Loki
Along with our Norwegian Forest Cat we also have a blue Persian girl who is 7 years old and a rescued male moggy from the Cats Protection League, estimated to be 2-3 years old.

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For further information on Forest Cats take a look at the homepage of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club

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