Breeding Policy

Hindarfiall aim to breed pets of a friendly and well-adjusted disposition of the requisite type, size and build, conforming to the FIFe standard.

We are not overly concerned with producing particular colours or patterns, we happily accept what nature comes up with. We prefer to concentrate on the more important attributes of the cats we consider for mating and so will produce any of the possible colours and colourations except ‘x-colours’ and pure white. The NFO is a ‘natural’ breed, free from the genetic problems and extremes of type we sadly have in other breeds – we want to keep it that way.

Temperament is of the utmost importance to us, as cats with bad temperaments do not ultimately make good pets or show exhibits, no matter how good they look. Our kittens are brought into a loving and caring home environment where they are given lots of stimulation and handling – very important for developing a good temperament.

We are a small, amateur breeder and we only have one or two litters each year, so it may not be possible to achieve the particular colour/pattern/gender wanted at a certain time. However, we ARE able to devote the crucially important time and attention to our kittens necessary during the first few months of life, when their personalities and temperaments are shaped. Our kittens are NEVER shut away in rooms, pens or runs for days/weeks/months on end. All kittens stay very close to us and are introduced to our other cats at around ten weeks, so they are well used to people and other cats by the time they go to their new home.

Kittens are purchased subject to the signing of a contract, however, we don’t impose restrictive agreements on people who want to use them for breeding, such as dictating which stud is only used and when, with the exception of complying with the wishes of outside stud-owners when applicable (usually that males in a litter may not go on to father their own kittens and are neutered).

Instead we prefer to provide advice and guidance on proposed matings in order to achieve the best possible examples of the breed and improve the stock in this country, rather than dictate a lot of inflexible terms.

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